Year-end tax planning seminar recording

Year-end tax planning

During this year-end tax planning session, Gravita’s Tax Partner, Nigel May, took a look at a number of tax areas. Video recordings found below [41 minutes total]. Nigel covers:   The effect of the new 25% corporation tax rate from 1 April 2023 R&D The new basis for taxing self-employed and partnership profits  £1M AIA/capital […]

Global Minimum Tax Rate – Pillar Two

Written by Tax Partner, Thomas Adcock The Global Minimum Tax Rate, or as it is better known, the OECD’s ‘Pillar Two’, only applies if your global turnover is at least €750m per year.   Ultimately Pillar Two looks to ensure that a multinational group suffers a minimum tax on profits of 15%; no matter where […]

Corporate Interest Restriction (CIR)

Written by Tax Partner, Thomas Adcock The CIR was introduced in 2017 and looks to bring in a level of equality to the extent by which UK companies within international groups obtain a tax deduction for debt finance.   Historically, international groups have often funded UK businesses through debt, rather than equity, as relief would […]