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Technology leaders, Gravita, give forward thinking advice to innovative and ambitious tech companies at all phases of their lives.  Supporting our clients through growth, funding, raising, mergers and acquisitions, listing and beyond, we have a team of experts who understand the pace, volatility, competitiveness and need for constant innovation within this space.


Whichever part of their journey our technology clients are on when they come and work with our tech sector experts at Gravita, we are ready to join their team and proactively bring them ideas to maximise every opportunity, from EMI and share schemes, to research and development, tax planning and mergers and acquisitions.  Those leading the Gravita tech team include key individuals who have had their own successful fintech businesses and so really understand the journey that many of our clients are on, from preparing for growth and working with VCs, to selling their businesses, adding even more value to the client experience.


We act for a huge spectrum of tech businesses in the UK, many of which today have become global businesses as they continue to expand.  Supporting clients across the software, hardware and IT & communications space, we are also working with more and more businesses within fintech, medtech and sustainability, as areas which continue to attract more investment and growth.


How can we help?

If you would like to speak to Gravita about how we can help your tech company please message our Head of Technology, Ben Chernoff, or contact us here.

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