How do you open a UK branch?

Open a UK branch

Trading with the UK has changed significantly since Brexit came into force, an increasing number of overseas businesses are opening offices in the UK. If you are considering establishing your business in the UK to make trade easier, here is an outline of some of the benefits, tax law considerations, and how to start the […]

How can I use a Trust to reduce Inheritance Tax?

reduce inheritance tax

Anyone can use a trust to reduce inheritance tax liability on their estate, enabling them to pass on more wealth to their beneficiaries.   While trusts are one of several tax-efficient ways to reduce the value of an estate, they are also the most complex inheritance tax planning method.   It’s fair to say that […]

CGT Targeted Anti-Avoidance Rule (TAAR)

CGT Targeted Anti-Avoidance Rule

Many accountants have reported instances of clients facing HMRC enquiries under the relatively new CGT Targeted Anti-Avoidance Rule (TAAR).   This HMRC enquiry will arise when the owner of a close company liquidates it and then starts up the same trade again, within two years. For the legislation to apply, HMRC must prove that they […]