Cyber Awareness Month: Why it’s important for your business

Cyber Awareness Month

Written by Head of Gravita’s Technology Sector, Ben Chernoff Ever since 2004, October has been named as Cyber Awareness month. It’s a month designed to highlight the importance of the risks to businesses and how best to protect themselves. But with big changes in recent years, this year feels more important than ever to make […]

Marginal Relief for Corporation Tax

Since April 2023, the number of companies that your company is associated with may have increased, resulting in paying a higher rate of tax on your profits and paying the tax more regularly. The corporation tax rates brought in mean that more profitable companies pay tax at a higher rate.   The Corporation Tax Rate […]

Webinar recording: R&D reinvented – Unlocking the power of innovation in the tech sector

Since 1st April 2023, significant changes have shaken the landscape of R&D tax relief, specifically impacting businesses, especially those in the technology sector. These changes, introduce a whole new dimension to R&D claims, requiring businesses to submit substantial additional information.   During this 45-minute webinar, we delved into the following key points:   Unveiling the […]

Webinar: Employee Ownership Trusts (EOTs)


We invite you to join us and Tim Palmer, our Tax Consultant, at our webinar on Wednesday morning 13th December 2023 entitled ‘Employee Ownership Trusts’. During this session, Tim will be covering: The tax benefits for the vendor, in selling their company shares to an EOT HMRC clearance Creating an EOT, and financing its acquisition […]

Webinar: Be a tax efficient business from inception to exit


We invite you to join us and Toby Hermitage, Tax Partner, at our webinar on 29 November 2023. Our webinar will focus on the key phases of a typical fast growth business and take you through a number of ways to optimise for tax to maximise your chances of success, including how to raise tax […]

HMRC Enquiries & How to Reduce the Risk of Being Selected

HMRC enquiries

HMRC enquiries can be time-consuming and stressful. We shall consider why they happen and what steps you can take to reduce your chances of being selected.   Why Have I Been Selected?  It could be as simple as HMRC randomly selecting your tax return, or it could be as a result of:   Errors, inconsistencies, […]

Should I incorporate my buy to let property business?

Written by Tax Partner, Michaela Lamb Since the announcement made in the 2015 Summer Budget introducing a restriction on the tax relief provided on mortgage interest for individuals, the most common question we have been asked is “Should I incorporate my Buy to Let Property Business?”. Translated this is simply, “should I put my property […]

An employee’s guide to RSUs and Stock Options


Written by Tax Partner, Michaela Lamb More and more employers in the Tech sector are offering Restricted Stock Units (RSUs) or Stock Options to their employees.  These have been popular with US companies for a long time, and so those working for global companies, and those who are working remotely for US/Canadian businesses are finding […]

Is it time to embrace AI to transform your business?

benefits of ai

Written by Tech Partner, Ben Chernoff Is it time to embrace AI to transform your business? It’s clear AI is not going away. And while there’s a lot of fear about what AI could do in the wrong hands, it also brings a lot of opportunity for good. It has the potential to drive economic […]

Staff summer parties, and the treatment of VAT

Written by VAT Partner, Sandy Cochrane With summer approaching, you may be starting to plan your work summer party. At Gravita, we are in the process of securing our summer venue as it is so important for us to get together as a team and have an evening of catching up, laughter, food, drinks, and […]