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News and Economy
Payroll benefits
Payrolling of benefits: Three weeks left to register for 2023-2024!
Written by Payroll Manager, Rebecca Aimey Employers who would like to formally payroll benefits for...
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International Women's Day
Celebrating International Women's Day
It’s International Women’s Day – a global day of celebrating the achievements of women...
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Controlled Foreign Companies (CFCs) – Requirements for UK Companies
Written by Tax Partner, Thomas Adcock The CFC rules are designed to protect against international groups...
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Hybrid Mismatch Rules: Requirements for UK companies to consider their cross-border transactions and structure
Written by Tax Partner, Thomas Adcock Put simply, the hybrid mismatch rules (as they are known) are...
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HMRC compliance
HMRC compliance: More data, more questions
HMRC’s ability to gather and analyse data is extensive, and with every piece of information it acquires,...
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Venture capital tax
Venture capital tax relief: where are we now?
Venture capital tax relief is all about providing early stage finance to new, higher-risk companies,...
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