Gravita Tech Talks: Transaction Triumphs (Video)

Gravita hosted an insightful panel discussion ‘Transaction Triumphs’ and we are thrilled to present a video that encapsulates the essence of this tech event. The event brought together a panel of experts who shared their invaluable experiences and strategies that they believe make or break a deal throughout a transactions journey. 


The video will feature highlights from the panel discussion, moderated by Caroline Plumb, CEO of Gravita Group. Caroline guided the conversation extracting thoughtful insights from each panellist. 


Joining her were Thomas Adcock, Gravita tax partner, renowned for his strategic advice to tech companies; Oliver Tonkin, CEO of BCB Group, who brought his expertise in the digital asset economy; and David Gilmour, the entrepreneurial force behind Imperium Group, who shared his perspectives on wealth management and structuring.


Combined with the collective wisdom of industry leaders who have navigated the highs and lows of the transaction journey, you will leave the video armed with a different mindset and a new framework to how to prepare your business. 


Key takeaways: 


  • How to increase the exit value, and maximize the potential of your business 
  • The importance of structure of the business 
  • Red flags  
  • How to become investor ready before a sale 
  • Awareness of where you are in the cycle 


Watch the video below and relive the moments that sparked conversations and provided a roadmap for success in the ever-evolving landscape of business transactions. 


To access the recording, please complete the form below.

What next?

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