Transparency reports

These transparency reports have been prepared to summarise the following:


  • The regulatory environment
  • Our structure
  • Risk management including skills and training
  • Ethics management including independence
  • Public Interest Entities we are engaged by
  • Our firm’s audit and non-audit fee income


These transparency reports have been prepared to meet the requirements of Article 13 of retained EU Regulation (537/2014). 


They have been published under CBW Audit Ltd, which is an entity under the Gravita brand that can perform audits. CBW Audit Ltd joined Gravita in April 2023. Read more about CBW joining Gravita here.


Transparency report: 2023

Transparency report: 2022

Transparency report: 2021

Transparency report: 2019

Transparency report: 2018

Transparency report: 2017 


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