Abib Wellington

Job Title: Associate, Audit


University: University of Nottingham


Degree Subject: History and Politics


Why Audit?


I was drawn to the idea of working in audit due to the variety of different sectors it would allow me to get a deeper understanding of. The ability to work on different companies would mean that no day would be the same, and this was something that appealed highly to me.


What are some of the day-to-day tasks and responsibilities in your role?


My day-to-day tasks include liaising with the team to ensure that there is an understanding of what work needs to be done and to check in with our progress on the audit we are currently working on. Furthermore, there is a lot of work going through client-provided records and documentation which helps our testing.


As I have been at the company for over a year now, there is increased responsibility through helping more junior team members and being able to share the knowledge and experience I have developed during my time here.


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