Use of Cookies


Please be aware that this site uses cookies.


A cookie is a text file that is used by many websites to identify your computer to their server. Cookies in themselves do not identify the individual user, just the computer used.


The use of cookies by Gravita complies with the EU Privacy Directive, adopted by the UK in its updated Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations which came into force on May 26th 2012.


The so-called “Cookie Law” requires websites to obtain consent from visitors to store or retrieve any information on a computer or any other web connected device, like a smartphone or tablet.


Implied Consent

Gravita uses cookies purely for analytical purposes (i.e., to count the number of unique visitors to the site) and does not collect any sensitive personal data.


As such, and in accordance with the Information Commissioner’s guidance on the Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations, we understand by visiting this site, you have given your “implied consent” for cookies being set on your device.


Email security

Please note unless encrypted, email messages sent via the internet may not be secure and could be intercepted and read by someone else. Please bear this in mind when deciding whether to include personal or sensitive information in any email messages you intend to send.


How to Disable Cookies


Chrome (Desktop)

1) Click the Chrome menu button (⋮). You can find this in the upper-right corner of the Chrome window.
2) Click the Settings option.
3) Click Show advanced settings or Advanced.
4) Click Site Settings or Content settings. This is in the “Privacy and security” section.
5) Click Cookies.
6) Click the Allow sites to save and read cookie data slider. In older versions, select “Block sites from setting any data.”
7) Click the Block third-party cookies box.
8) Click Remove All to delete all stored cookies.[1]


Safari (iOS)

1) Tap your Settings app. You can change your Safari browser’s cookie settings in your iOS device’s Settings app. (It is not possible to block cookies in Chrome for iOS due to restrictions placed on third-party browsers by Apple. If you use Chrome on iOS and want to block cookies, you’ll need to either browse in Incognito Mode or switch to Safari)
2) Tap Safari.
3) Tap Block Cookies. This is in the “Privacy & Security” section.
4) Tap Always Block. Safari will no longer save cookies for sites you visit.


Chrome (Android)

1) Tap the Chrome menu button (⋮).
2) Tap Settings.
3) Tap Site settings.
4) Tap Cookies.
5) Tap the Cookies slider to toggle cookies off. Chrome will no longer save cookies from any website that you visit.



1) Click the Firefox menu button. You’ll find this in the upper-right corner of the window.
2) Click Options.
3) Click the Privacy tab.
4) Click the Firefox will drop-down menu in the History section.
5) Click Use custom settings for history.
6) Click the Accept cookies from sites box. Unchecking this will prevent Firefox from saving cookies.


Microsoft Edge

1) Click or tap the … button.
2) Click or tap Settings.
3) Click or tap View advanced settings.
4) Click or tap the Cookies drop-down menu.
5) Click or tap Block all cookies. Edge will no longer save cookies.


Internet Explorer

1) Click the Tools menu or the Gear button. If you don’t see either, press Alt
2) Click Internet options.
3) Click the Privacy tab.
4) Click the Advanced button.
5) Click Block for First-party Cookies and Third-party Cookies.
6) Click the Always allow session cookies box.
7) Click OK to save your changes. Internet Explorer will no longer save cookies.


Safari (Desktop)

1) Click the Safari menu. You’ll see this in the menu bar when a Safari window is open and active.
2) Click Preferences.
3) Click the Privacy tab.
4) Click the Always block radio button. Safari will stop saving cookies from sites you visit.