Leveraging technology to improve cashflow and business performance

Late payments in 2023 cost UK businesses £1.6billion; it’s almost certain you were impacted by that. Escalating late payments affect all stakeholders, from paying staff and suppliers to deterring your investors. But help is at hand, from some of the UK’s leading tech experts from Xero, iwoca and Gravita, who specialise in using automation to […]

Transaction Triumphs

Lessons learned from the entrepreneur, investor and advisor to master the winning formula for your next deal. Drawing on their own successes and challenges, our exclusive panel will each share the key areas that they believe make or break a deal throughout a transaction’s journey. What do they know now that they wish they’d known […]

Inheritance Tax Update & Planning

IHT planning

Inheritance Tax (IHT) is one of the most vilified taxes. It is also probably, in practice, the one tax which a lot of people do not plan sufficiently well in advance for, and its impact can be devastating. It is vital that clients take well constructed IHT advice as early as possible from an IHT […]

Capital allowances: Where are we now?

Capital allowances

We invite you to join us and our tax consultant, Tim Palmer, who will review the latest developments, and also highlight the planning opportunities available relating to capital allowances claims. This free 1 hour webinar will take place on Thursday 21 March and will commence at 9am. During this session, Tim will be covering: The […]

Spring Budget 2024: Optimise the Tax Opportunities

The Chancellor’s Spring Budget 2024 was expected to be one of the most political Budgets of recent times – and it didn’t disappoint. As this has been a particularly impactful budget, joining this session will be highly beneficial! This webinar will be presented by Gravita Tax Partner, Thomas Adcock. Event Details: Date: 13 March 2024 […]

R&D reinvented: Unlocking the power of innovation in the tech sector – Part Two

Research & Development webinar

On behalf of our Research and Development (R&D) tax specialist team, we are pleased to invite you to our informative tax webinar that promises to reshape your approach to R&D tax relief. This webinar will be hosted by Gravita Tax Consultant, Tim Palmer. Our presenters will be Gravita Corporate Tax Director, Kate Greenhough, and Gravita […]

Business Tax Refresher & Planning – Part Two

Business tax

We invite you to join us and Tim Palmer, our Tax Consultant, at our webinar on Tuesday morning 6 February 2024 entitled ‘Business Tax Refresher & Planning – Part Two’. Tim will build further on the first Business Tax webinar that he presented for us in October 2023 – (although do not worry if you were […]

Webinar: HMRC Tax Investigations and Dispute Resolution


We invite you to join us and Dion Laycock, our tax investigations partner, at our webinar, hosted by Tim Palmer at 9am on 24 January 2024. During the webinar, Dion will be covering: The range of work a tax investigation specialist covers Assessment time limits and how far HMRC look back Schedule 36 Information Notices […]

Webinar: Employee Ownership Trusts (EOTs)


We invite you to join us and Tim Palmer, our Tax Consultant, at our webinar on Wednesday morning 13 December 2023 entitled ‘Employee Ownership Trusts’. During this session, Tim will be covering: The tax benefits for the vendor, in selling their company shares to an EOT HMRC clearance Creating an EOT, and financing its acquisition […]

Webinar: Be a tax efficient business from inception to exit


We invite you to join us and Toby Hermitage, Tax Partner, at our webinar on 29 November 2023. Our webinar will focus on the key phases of a typical fast growth business and take you through a number of ways to optimise for tax to maximise your chances of success, including how to raise tax […]