Supporting Gravita's charity of the year: Long Covid Kids

Long Covid Kids is a charity dedicated to ensuring that every child has the opportunity to thrive and look forward to a hopeful future. They stand as advocates for children and young people affected by Long Covid and related conditions, providing unwavering support to the families and caregivers who nurture them.


With a commitment to education and advocacy, Long Covid Kids is at the forefront of raising awareness about the symptoms of Long Covid in children. Their work is instrumental in promoting understanding, enabling early diagnosis, and enhancing the effectiveness of responses and interventions.


Understanding the profound impact Long Covid can have on a family, Long Covid Kids is driven by a small yet passionate team of volunteers. Their determination has led to significant achievements, empowering them to offer invaluable assistance to thousands of families. They help demystify medical terminology, ensuring children receive the best care and a chance at recovery.


We are honoured to support Long Covid Kids in their mission. Their influence extends to important discussions with the NHS, researchers, the World Health Organisation, and UK governments, advocating for the needs of children and young people. We stand with Long Covid Kids in their pursuit of a brighter future for children with Long Covid.


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Jana & Samir


Jana Touati, a valued member of Gravita’s team, has found support in Long Covid Kids over the past two years, following her son Samir’s diagnosis with Long Covid.


Samir’s journey since contracting Covid in 2021 has been challenging. Diagnosed with Long Covid and Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME/CFS), he faced significant disruptions in his education, having only attended a few months of year 7 before his condition prevented his return to school. Samir’s symptoms, both physical and cognitive, have been severe, confining him to a wheelchair for over a year.


Samir is far from alone; he is among the estimated 62,000 children and young people in the UK living with Long Covid. These children have endured the loss of schooling, their university dreams, and the forfeiture of friendships and hobbies. They continue to live with symptoms that prevent them from doing the things they love.


Over the past two years, Long Covid Kids charity has supported Jana’s family, providing them with support when other avenues offered little. Gravita supports Long Covid Kids, and their dedication to families like Jana’s, navigating the complexities of Long Covid with compassion and advocacy.


Long Covid Kids Registered charity number: Charity Number: 1196170

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