Navigating through some R&D tax complexities

Written by Tax Partner, Parminder Chattha . It is common knowledge amongst the industry that HMRC are focusing on R&D tax credit claims, with a significant increase in enquiries. Historically, claims would be enquired into before any payment was made to the claimant company, which most would agree is a sensible approach. Nevertheless, the enquiry […]

Taxation of Restricted Stock Units (RSUs)


Written by Tax Partner, Michaela Lamb Restricted Stock Units, better known as RSUs, are an increasingly popular form of incentivisation offered to employees. These are a kind of employee share option scheme and are most commonly being offered by multinational tech companies, but are also offered by some banks and other smaller companies, albeit sometimes […]

R&D changes: What it means for your business

In March, Jeremy Hunt announced his second fiscal statement and first Budget since becoming Chancellor against a backdrop of fragile public finances, an ongoing cost of living crisis, and increased Government borrowing. We covered how this Budget stacks up against the Government’s priorities – and what it means for people and businesses across the UK […]

UK R&D tax relief claim requirements: The additional information form

From August 1st 2023, entities claiming Research and Development (R&D) tax relief or expenditure credit in the UK must complete and submit an additional information form to HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC). This additional form will be a prerequisite for supporting all R&D tax relief claims, and failure to submit it before the entity’s Corporation […]

Research and development reforms: Changes from April 2023 and what they mean for you

Research and Development reforms

Written by Tax Partner, Toby Hermitage As announced in the recent Budget, the government has tightened and restricted the availability of research and development (R&D) tax reliefs in response to a recent increase in fraudulent R&D tax credit claims. The key measures introduced are as follows: Enhanced R&D tax relief available for SMEs is to […]