International Women's Day

Celebrating International Women’s Day

It’s International Women’s Day – a global day of celebrating the achievements of women everywhere. We’re very proud of the work our teams do, and today wanted to spotlight just a few of the many amazing women here at Gravita. They’ve shared their thoughts, inspirations and insights on being a woman in business.

“Surround yourself with women that inspire you; that try things; that trust their gut; that think differently; that come armed with solutions; that make you feel good. We all have something to offer and can empower one another to do great things when we pull together in the same direction.”

Caroline Plumb, CEO

“Over the years, I’ve learnt to be confident in what you do know, and ask questions on the things you don’t. The number of women in leadership roles are increasing but there’s still work to do. So uplift the women around you, never let anyone dull your shine and be yourself, unequivocally.”

Richa Desai, Senior Associate

“As a working mum myself, I know first-hand the challenges of balancing career and family responsibilities. To rise through the ranks of business, I’ve found that setting achievable goals, seeking mentorship, building a support network and being open to learning and growth opportunities are key. It is also important to prioritise self-care and find flexible work arrangements that allow me to be present for my family. Remember to define success on your terms and not compare yourself to others. You’ve got this!”
Kate Greenhough, Corporate Tax/R&D Director

“For many young women, including myself, it can seem daunting to choose a career path or industry that feels quite male-dominated. However, in my experience, women in business strive to support one another and work together to break the glass ceiling that was once prominent. Things are changing and it’s amazing to be part of that change.”

Celina Samm, Audit Associate

“It’s critical that women in positions of influence and seniority advocate for all women. We can achieve this by offering support and mentorship, providing a safe environment to talk openly, encouraging curiosity and celebrating opportunities to shine wherever we can. We’re in this together!”

Rachel Jackson, Partner

“The most important bosses on earth to me are mothers. Some of their most powerful attributes are survival, strength, resilience, and we can adapt these into self-belief! Surround yourself with women who celebrate you and encourage you to take every opportunity. Attend inspirational talks, go to therapy, listen to podcasts – remember that it’s the small but consistent changes that can make a huge difference.”

Gemma McLaughlin, Associate Director, Audit

“Discover what you enjoy doing and what you are good at, but get comfortable knowing that you won’t always get things right, and that’s okay. Look for ways to expand your expertise and embrace constructive criticism. Most importantly, have confidence in your own abilities and be brave!”

Claire Brown, Head of Administration

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