Gravita’s Year End Tax Planner for Individuals

As we approach the year end, there is still time to take advantage of some of the tax reliefs and allowances available to you. Here are just some of the areas you may need to think about:


  • Have you topped up your ISA?
  • Have you maximised your pension contributions?
  • Are you able to use your capital gains annual exemption?
  • If you are planning on starting a business, growing your business, or maybe even selling your business, have you spoken to Gravita about how we can help you?
  • Maybe you’ve got some big life changes coming soon, perhaps you’re looking to diversify your assets, sell your business, or even move abroad. Again, please come and speak to us and see how we can help.


Please download our tax planning guide which includes all the main tax reliefs and allowances for the 2023/24 tax year for individuals, and of course some helpful planning points that the Gravita private client team suggests you consider. You must, however, act now as the end of the tax year is fast approaching. We have also included a reminder of the self-assessment calendar for those of you who need to complete and submit a tax return.


If you do not already work with Gravita’s private client team, we would love to hear from you to see how we can help you to improve your tax efficiency, both now and in the future, and to help you make sure you are fully compliant with your tax affairs. Please contact us at


If you’d like to receive our year-end tax planning guide for corporates, please let us know here and we’ll send you a copy shortly.


Click the button below to read Gravita’s Year End Tax Planner 2023-24.

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