VAT and the Construction Industry

Webinar recording: VAT and the Construction Industry

Sandy Cochrane, Gravita’s head of VAT, presented a 45 minute webinar addressing and explaining the main VAT problem areas that both contractors and subcontractors currently face in the construction industry. The areas covered in this webinar were:


  • General overview
  • The Domestic Reverse charge: understanding the supply chain and whether the contractor or the supplier has to account for the VAT
  • The correct occasions when a CIS subcontractor has to charge 5% VAT relating to their work
  • Design and build
  • VAT and CIS problem areas
  • We will also touch briefly on Payroll and the PAYE aspects of setting up CIS payments – an area we are frequently asked about by clients


Watch the video below, to gain a deeper understanding of the VAT changes that the construction industry is facing, enabling you to grasp how you fit within the supply chain.


Should you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact Sandy Cochrane or reach out to our VAT team.


What next?


If you have any questions about any of the topics or areas addressed in this webinar, our VAT team would be delighted to talk to you, contact us here



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