Outsourced FD

Why some clients choose to outsource their finance function in the short or long term.

At Gravita we offer many specialities that a growing business needs to maximise its chances to get to the next stage in its life cycle.


Gravita’s Outsourced FD function

This offering includes an outsourced FD, who reports to the business and who comes with their own accounts team.


Every company needs a FD at some stage and for many, the earlier you can receive this level of financial advice, the more chance you have of achieving your goals.


We can also provide you with interim project help where there might be a period of expansion or a particularly large project. In this scenario an outsourced FD, with a team, can provide the skills and bandwidth to ensure the project is delivered in accordance with budgets and key performance indicators, simply by applying independent sound financial management through the eyes of an experienced FD.


How can a FD help your growing business?

A FD should be able to drive change within the organisation and confirm and enhance the current strategic direction of the business.


For example, in the early growing years of a business:


  1. Controls and compliance are at their weakest
  2. Managing Cashflows are stressful
  3. Raising investment can be highly distracting
  4. Employee retention and recruitment is painful


We can make all the difference and allow the Founders to spend time on what they enjoy and what they are clearly best at. Investor relationships need to be carefully managed and require consistent and well informed management information systems to ensure that this aspect is properly looked after.


When do I need an outsourced FD?

Full time internal finance directors are specialist roles and can be expensive for smaller businesses to source and onboard. Outsourced FD functions work best when the finance function is not a full time activity and can be concentrated into a 21 hour week job. Where it is a struggle to recruit and retain experienced finance staff this in itself is a strong reason to consider the outsourced solution.


When is the right time to outsource?

Potential scenarios to consider bringing onboard an outsourced FD include:


  • Retention and recruitment problems of finance staff
  • Planning a period of significant growth
  • Taking on additional levels of risk, fundraising or international expansion
  • Structural change of the business
  • Tax enquiry and known and unknown financial control weakness
  • The inability to deliver consistent early warning management information
  • Pressing need for independent and experienced financial advice


The finance function is important for the success of the business!

Let’s be clear, the finance function needs to be the ‘critical friend’ to all areas of the business, looking at the cost-benefit equation for every project is vital. The key for success is working out how to do this without affecting the ability of the company to execute on strategy, and strong communication is the crucial factor.


Is outsourcing sector specific?

No, all companies, no matter which sector you are in, can benefit. We currently work with financial services, software development, Tech, Property, Recruitment, Retailers, Crypto and many more.


Other benefits

Apart from the potential savings of up to 25% of the cost of managing an internal accounts team, this offering helps our clients reach their targets by ensuring they have up to date information, maximising their share value with a first-class compliance function.


A free meeting to talk in more detail

We would be delighted to meet with you to assess your needs, to which we would follow up with a quote and more information about the added value that the Gravita outsourced FD solution would bring you. We would agree a fixed fee to provide you with a deliverables list, with agreed deadlines and a 12 months’ rolling contract, where the first three months would be on a no notice term.


Come and talk to our Outsourcing team about a solution that is pain free and can save significant costs… At the very least you will receive some free consultancy and advice that will only help you make the right decisions for the business.

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