DPNI schemes

Video: Direct Payment Schemes (DPNI) – FAQs answered

Meet Rebecca Aimey, Gravita’s Payroll Manager and DPNI expert.


At Gravita, we have been helping more and more individuals with DPNI schemes, making sure they meet their payroll and tax obligations. In this short video, Rebecca Aimey shares the answers to those FAQs she gets asked on a daily basis.


  • What is a DPNI scheme?
  • Is this different to a DCNI scheme?
  • Why would I need to use a DPNI scheme?
  • Is a DPNI scheme the right route for me?
  • How long would a DPNI scheme take to set up?
  • What would the monthly process of a DPNI scheme be?
  • Who would pay for the DPNI scheme? Me or my employer?
  • Could a DPNI scheme stop me from getting a mortgage or any other kind of finance?
  • Why choose Gravita to help set up my DPNI scheme?


What next?

Watch our video to hear the answers to these questions, and please do get in touch with Rebecca Aimey (rebecca.aimey@Gravita.com) if you would like to discuss in more detail or set up a complimentary discussion.

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