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News and Economy
UK employee share schemes: Enterprise Management Incentives (EMI)
Written by Tax Partner, Michaela Lamb Whilst there are many ways of incentivising and retaining key...
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Outsourced FD
Why some clients choose to outsource their finance function in the short or long term.
Written by Accounts and Outsourcing Partner, Nyall Jacobs At Gravita we offer many specialities that...
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Pandora Papers
Pandora Papers: Everything you need to know
What are the Pandora Papers? The International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) conducted...
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An employee’s guide to RSUs and Stock Options
Written by Tax Partner, Michaela Lamb More and more employers in the Tech sector are offering Restricted...
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salary sacrifice via payroll
Implementing your salary sacrifice via your payroll
Written by Payroll Manager, Rebecca Aimey Introduction In today’s competitive job market, employees...
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benefits of ai
Is it time to embrace AI to transform your business?
Written by Tech Partner, Ben Chernoff Is it time to embrace AI to transform your business? It’s clear...
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